It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.

Jacqui Vaughan

MNCS(Reg)  MHS(reg)  Dip.Cst  Cert.Hyp.cs   Cert.SFBT

Specialist Areas


  • Overcoming depression and anxiety

  • Adolescent and student mental health 

  • Bereavement

  • Relationship issues

  • Overcoming phobias

  • Surviving and moving on from divorce

  • Health and wellness coaching

  • Weight management

  • IBS - Gut Directed Hypnotherapy


Full Enhanced DBS Certificate for working with children and young people.

Counselling Skills and Theory Diploma 

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate

Hypnotherapy for IBS Practitioner

Solution Focused Brief Therapy Practitioner 

Life and Wellbeing Coach Practitioner

Executive Coaching Practitioner

Equine Assisted Therapy Practitioner

Professional Organisations:

I am a member of the following: 

National Hypnotherapy Society, 

National Counselling Society,

E3a (USA)

Vanessa Boudier

MNCH (Acc), MNCS(Reg), Dip Couns, Dip Cog.Hyp, Dip Adv.Psych.Coun, HPDip, MPNLP, Cert.EMDR

Specialist Areas


  • Overcoming anxiety and panic states

  • Overcoming Depression 

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Phobia Release

  • IBS - Gut Directed Hypnotherapy

  • Working with Young people 11-24

  • Hypertension/Hypotension

  • Working with childhood sexual abuse

  • Natural Childbirthing​


Full Enhanced DBS Certificate for working with children and young people.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma 

Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma

NLP Master Practitioner

Certified EMDR Practitioner

Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Hypnotension Practitioner

EFT Practitioner 

Mindfulness Coach and Teacher

Advanced Psychotherapeutic Counsellor


Professional Organisations:

I am a member of the following: 

National Council for Hypnotherapy, 

National Counselling Society,

Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council

Welcome from Vanessa and Jacqui

The reason our clients experience significant change, move towards their goals, build their resilience, create success, build self esteem and confidence is that they have access to a combined experience of over 23 years between Vanessa Boudier and Jacqui Vaughan.


Vanessa and Jacqui are able to combine different therapeutic methods to tailor their treatment specifically to their client’s needs and offer a clear, “down to earth," professional, caring approach. Both undertake regular continued professional development ensuring they are up to date with the latest regulations and developments in counselling, psychotherapy, coaching and hypnotherapy.


Life has a little habit of ‘happening’ and when it does we can sometimes experience significant challenges in different degrees at various times in our lives and need a little helping hand to work through them. When this happens, it is important to reach out and engage with trained professionals who are approachable, professional and compassionate.  Vanessa and Jacqui understand that clients may benefit from an integrative approach where counselling and psychotherapy can also include Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP or EMDR to help them work through the challenges in the shortest possible time with an approach tailored specifically for them.  


For both Vanessa and Jacqui, the quality of therapeutic relationship is nurtured, focussing on helping their clients to feel comfortable, safe and able to express themselves, which means they can make sense of their challenges quickly and work to taking control back of their life once again.  

It can be very normal for new clients to feel a little nervous, apprehensive or even vulnerable when considering disclosing private and personal information to someone you don’t know very well yet. This is the reason that both Vanessa and Jacqui offer a free 20 minute telephone or video call session helping you to explore and identify together the best approach for you and to help you feel at ease with the process.

The majority of our services can be offered remotely during Covid restrictions.

Please call or email us to discuss your needs.


Vanessa and Jacqui work with you, providing an integrative approach to treatment that encompasses counselling, hypnotherapy, coaching and psychotherapy. Using a combination of these tools your sessions can be tailored to your specific individual needs. Their goal is to help you gain understanding and take control of your life, so that you can make the decisions that move you forward. Addressing the symptoms of your problems and helping you deal with any underlying issues that may be holding you back, ensures long lasting, sustainable change.


Changes 4 Life Ltd is known as one of the most well established therapy practices in Berkshire, with Vanessa and Jacqui having an impressive combined 25 years of full time therapeutic experience.  


Most clients are referred from previous clients, local doctors and other healthcare professionals who know of our work and recognise the success and relief it has brought many people over the years. Our work has also been regularly featured on the local Radio (for anxiety and confidence issues) plus featured on the BBC (for weight loss) in addition to local community publications over the years.  


Vanessa and Jacqui have also created a highly successful range of helpful downloads to support the more sought after areas people request help with using hypnosis. This is continually being added to.  

By remaining in the forefront of modern therapeutic methods we are bound by the NCH, NCS and BACP to a strict Code of Ethics emphasising integrity and competence, ensuring the highest standards of ethical conduct. This ensures all our clients of the best attention through their treatment.  We hold full Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Disabled clients 


Unfortunately we are unable to offer wheelchair access at the consulting rooms due to layout however we will see disabled clients at their own homes.


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Pebble Beach

Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them


Counselling & Psychotherapy


At some point in our lives we will experience ups and downs, some we can cope with easily and some of these may bring us to a point where we feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed or just struggle to find a way forward - this is when therapy can help. Counselling and Psychotherapy allows you a safe space to talk and work through those feelings and behaviours that are distressing or troubling to you, helping you to make sense of your experiences both current and past. We can then help you begin to develop healthy and effective strategies to deal with the ups and downs and finding new solutions to old problems.  


The difference between the terms counselling and psychotherapy is very small. A counsellor will utilise psychotherapy to help clients work through their problems. Psychotherapists can also choose from a wealth of approaches to help you understand and explore how you feel. Some therapists also teach skills to help you manage difficult emotions more effectively.  


With over 25 years of combined experience working with both adults and the highly specialised area of adolescents/young people (11+), treatments can be offered on either a short or long term basis. For many years the different theoretical bases were kept separate, in recent years there has been a growing recognition that an element of all theoretical models in treatment can be extremely effective in helping to gain movement forward in the shortest reasonable time for you.  


We use an integrative approach to psychotherapy and counselling to help you draw upon the full range of humanistic, psychodynamic and other therapeutic disciplines to support your change. This provides a solid yet flexible foundation to explore and build upon, by providing a confidential and safe space to explore and work through any problems and issues that may have been troubling you. We then work together to discover other ways of thinking and feeling and responding to your life which can support you moving forward with ownership, empowerment and confidence about your future.  


In counselling and psychotherapy you will be encouraged to:  


Talk about and clarify your problems and challenges  

Look towards the future changes and differences you wish to explore  

Consider the consequences of various options  

Acknowledge the impact of life events on your own well-being  

Help you deal with the challenges that life brings and you may be facing  


What issues can Counselling & Psychotherapy help? 


Counselling can be helpful in a wide variety of situations such as:  

• Stress and Conflict at work Bereavement  

• Depression Loss of confidence and motivation  

• Health problems Relationships  

• Lack of self-esteem Making Decisions  

• Coping in a Crisis Feelings of inner conflict  

• Low Mood  


Working with Adolescents & Young People 11+ 

One of the core areas Changes4Life offers is the highly specialised area of children and young people. Vanessa works both within secondary schools and private practice, and Jacqui volunteers with No22 counselling service for adults and young people, both are able to provide support for emotional and behavioural difficulties. Vanessa is experienced in working with young people with ADHD and ASD. Young people can struggle with attachments, friendships, relationships, anxiety, exam stress, confidence, bullying, confidence, behavioural and self-esteem issues to name a few. Enabling young people to make sense of their unique experiences in a safe and confidential space is essential for their foundations as they move on to develop healthy coping strategies for life. Both Vanessa and Jacqui hold full DBS checks and are fully up-to-date with Child Protection and Safeguarding Training.  


What issues can Counselling & Psychotherapy help with an adolescent or young person?  

  • Anxiety (including separation) 

  • Bullying  

  • Low Mood 

  • Self Esteem/Confidence  

  • Exam Stress 

  • Bereavement  

  • Relationship difficulties 

  • Parental separation/divorce  

  • Self-Harming 

  • Attachment Issues  

  • ADHD and ASD 

  • Trauma & Abuse  

  • Depression 

  • Conflicting emotions  

Fees: From £70 session.

“It’s not what happens to us that matters, it’s the attitude we take to it that counts” Epictus


Life, Wellness or Business Coaching

What is Coaching?

A coach helps clients improve their health, relationships, businesses and so much more. Coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the 'here and now' rather than on the distant past or future. Although some skills may be similar, a coach is not a counsellor, a therapist, a mentor or a consultant.

How does it work?


Coaching is a partnership between coach and client. The coach need not be an expert in their clients’ field of work. Fundamentally, the coach is helping the individual to improve their own performance by providing insight, awareness, accountability and support. They achieve this with the use of powerful tools and techniques to help their client uncover their own answers, gain clarity on what they want and what could be holding them back.


In today’s workplaces it is quite common for employees to work with a coach to help them achieve their professional goals. Changes 4 Life work with a number of Reading based companies to provide in house coaching for employees to maximise their organisation’s performance and output.

Fees: - £80 session


You were born to be real, not perfect

Image by Dayna Lepp

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step   Lao Tzu



What is Hypnotherapy?
A state of gentle relaxation in which you are aware and in control at all times. Hypnosis is simply a safe altered state of awareness making use of the 'alpha' state. The state that you enter perhaps when daydreaming, or just before you fall asleep - a state of relaxation, peace and calm. Hypnotherapy is a means of making use of this altered state of awareness to enable a therapeutic change, in other words, changing an unwanted habit or other area of an individuals behaviour that they want to get rid of. 
You cannot be made to do anything you don't want to do, so if you simply don't want to be hypnotised you won't be. Being hypnotised may feel different to how you expect it to feel, but that does not mean you are not in hypnosis. The degree of hypnosis varies from person to person. Most therapy sessions do not require more than a light to medium trance state which everyone can easily achieve with gentle guidance from the therapist. 
How does it work?
Hypnosis relaxation allows for more direct communication with the subconscious mind. It therefore makes it easier to resolve the root cause of a problem. The mind is then more receptive to positive suggestions for change. 

Is it safe?
Yes it is completely safe, the only side effects are positive, beneficial ones! It is using the natural power of the mind to resolve unwanted habits or behaviour or relieve symptoms without the need for tablets or drugs. It is non-addictive and completely safe without any unpleasant or unwanted side effects. 

Will I be in control?
Yes all the time. You do not go 'out', 'under' or 'to sleep'. You are not unconscious. You can hear and understand everything that is being said. Nothing happens without your consent. You can remain in an extremely relaxed state knowing that you have absolute control. 

Our work has been featured on BBC TV for weight loss.

Fee: £80 session

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

Problems are not stop signs,

they are guidelines


Help with


Listed below are some of the many problems which we have helped people with using hypnotherapy, counselling and NLP. If your particular issue is not shown below please feel free to call and discuss.

Abuse (including sexual)
Anger Management 
Bed wetting 
Driving Test Nerves 
Eating Disorders* 

Exam nerves 

Health Anxiety
Inferiority feelings 
Jaw Grinding 

Panic attacks*

Post Natal Depression* 
Public speaking 
Sexual abuse 
Sports Performance 
Stage Fright 
Weight loss

*If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.


 If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live

its whole life believing that it is stupid.

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