Andrea Lombardo
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Ever wished there was a little magic helping hand for some of those inconvenient fears, stresses and habits? Ever felt you wanted to feel and be more in control of the things that bother you or hold you back in life? Ever wondered if there was an easy way of achieving these things? This range of titles help you to feel in control of your life, confident, engaged and calm in all sorts of different ways - have a look at the titles and see which you will find useful.  
These recordings are a cost effective way of creating a positive mindset using the incredible power of your unconscious mind - and all in the comfort of your own home. All tracks have been digitally mastered and professionally produced so you are assured of good sound quality and content.  
The recordings encourage easy, gentle yet deep relaxation and are totally safe, natural and empowering for you, supporting you to achieve your goals in the shortest time whilst being calm, confident and relaxed in the process. From beating flying fears, daily confidence building, de-stressing right through to exam and study confidence... it’s as easy as listening... scroll down to find out more about each title and what it can do for you.  
You can play them as often as you would like, the tracks are easily downloadable onto either Ipods or other MP3 players, Iphones or other Smart Phones etc. 

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Calm Confident Flying - Track 1 & 2 (booster)
Download MP3: Track1 & 2 - £9.99
This download can help you to prepare for your flight with calm and ease. It can help you to begin to have a more positive and pleasant anticipation of your flying experience – all whilst relaxing in the comfort of your own home. 

Listening to this recording daily for as long as you wish to prior to your flight helps to support your enjoyment of a much calmer and comfortable experience.  

Track 2 (booster):
Designed to be used in addition to Track 1 as a quick 10 minute booster enhancing your calm, relaxed attitude and confidence towards flying.
Daily Confidence Builder
Download MP3: £6.99
This track is designed to build your confidence, allowing you to relax more in yourself and in your life, building a sense of feeling calmer, more in control of your feelings and thoughts in situations that previously may have caused worry or anxiety.
Listening to this recording daily for as long as you wish will help you shift your thinking by freeing yourself from self doubts, hesitations and fears whilst feeling your confidence increasing.  

Easy Stress Management
Download MP3:  £6.99
Everyone at some point in their life may feel as if things just get too much. Problems and issues don’t just go away. We need to work out ways of resolving them and moving forward. It’s hard to do this when the mind is struggling to think clearly.

Listening to this recording for as little as 20 minutes a day can help to calm and clear the mind whilst developing a sense of resilience and power supporting you in dealing with stressors in life more fully 

Enhanced Memory & Study Focus
Download MP3:  £6.99
Studying, focus and concentration to remember all you have learned is a bit of an art and often needs a helping hand. Afterall, not many people have a photographic memory! Many people simply believe they have a short, poor memory and recall.

Listening to this 25 minute download upto 4 times a week can help improve comprehension, focus and motivation for your study.  

Exam Confidence
Download MP3: £6.99
Exams can be one of the most testing times for many people at any stage of their lives. Often there can be a pressure to succeed and this can be from ourselves or other people. It leaves our thoughts running in mayhem and our emotions or feelings of worry about failure creating all sorts of problems from intense anxiety to feelings of panic, a blank mind, sweaty palms or simply not wanting to do them. There is a simple way that exams can become a rewarding and enjoyable way of demonstrating your knowledge and achieving the results you want for all that previous effort of study. 
Listening to this download upto 4 times a week will help your subconsicious to achieve a better study focus, a calm mind and body in addition to a sense of control that can flow through each and any exam you take.
Powerful Presenting & Public Speaking
Download MP3: Track1 & 2 - £9.99
For many people speaking in large or even small groups of people can be a daunting if not terrifying experience that often many people will do their best to avoid! Fear takes over at the mere thought of speaking in front of an audience, all eyes on you, the mind goes blank, heart starts thumping, words escape you. The throat becomes dry, body feeling clammy, legs and hands feel less than stable and the pressure is on to perform!

Listening to this recording daily as long as you wish in your preparations can help you overcome any fear of presenting that once held you back. You can stand tall, speak and share your knowledge confidently and competently whilst feeing self-assured, relaxed and composed.
Sleep Soundly
Download MP3: £6.99
Most people expect sleep just to come and normally it does- it’s the body’s way of finding balance and healing/repairing from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Sleep however is actually susceptible to many kinds of disruption - noise or physical disturbance are not the only things that can keep you awake when you'd really rather be snoozing comfortably and happily. Stress can also be a major factor as can racing thoughts amongst others.  
It’s a good thing that sleep patterns (or habits - and they are habits) respond particularly well to hypnosis and associated approaches. By listening regularly to this recording the unconscious mind can begin to associate new habits and sleeping patterns that work well for you, enabling you to calmly drift into a good quality sound sleep and awake in the morning feeling refreshed and alert. 

Listening to this download can help you form a healthy expectation of sleep times, deal with worrisome thoughts or feelings and enjoy a more restorative and pleasant pattern of sleep.

Slim, Trim & Healthy Weight Management
Download MP3: £9.99
Does it ever seem hard work keeping to healthy eating plans? Does your first spin of motivation seem to wane as the weeks go by? Do you feel as if you fall ‘off the wagon’ more than you are ‘on the wagon’ of healthy eating plans?  
It’s the same old thing, we know what we need to do but somehow it just seems hard to stick to those choices - getting rid of the junk and naughty stuff and constantly watching the scales to see if they have gone up or down! 
Listening to this download can help you create a motivation for changing your choices and attitudes to food and exercise, supporting you in achieving your goals of becoming slimmer, healthier and trimmer.
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